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February 14
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Valentine's Day 2014. by Fraxtogg Valentine's Day 2014. by Fraxtogg
Comments are disabled to prevent hurt butts from ALLCAPSRAEGing at me for being an emotionless hard-ass. If you really would like to leave a comment about this, then note me. And be mature about it. :P

Holy shit. Me, making a picture to celebrate a certain day? No... it's not possible. Is it? And it contains half-assed poetry?! What is this witchcraft!?
...Yeah, whatever. :iconimthisunexcitedplz:
I'm surprised that I actually managed to pull this off... seeing how negative and critical I've been about my work lately.

This is one day of the year that I'm generally not really enthusiastic about anymore. It's lost its fun. I used to like celebrating this day when I was in elementary school and it was actually fun. Back then, I don't really think any of us gave a fuck about the whole "love/lust/sex/whatever" aspect of the day, because most of us were too young to understand the concept of any of it. All any of us cared about was the candy, cookies, and the parties that were thrown in class so we could exchange valentine cards and eat sweets and act all hyper and shit without our teachers giving a shit about any of it. Once we were all out of elementary school and we started getting older and whatever (and teachers became more serious and cared more about handing out schoolwork than throwing stupid little "parties"), and "love" and "relationships" started finding their way into most of our lives, I said "Fuck it." Especially when I had "friends" and other people constantly rubbing it in my face that I was single and that I was stupid/had something wrong with me for not being in a godforsaken relationship of some kind... but then again, the kids at my school will fuck just about anyone/anything that they find sexy. The fact that I'm asexual and hardly have a sex drive or any sexual feelings for anybody didn't help anything, either... I was just the subject of people's jokes if I ever brought up the subject of my sexuality (or lack, thereof).
Anywho, my other opinions on Valentine's Day: Firstly, why take one day out of the year to tell somebody that you love them or want to fuck/fondle them or do whatever? Secondly, fuck "love." If you want my opinion, it doesn't exist. I've yet to feel that emotion, and I've yet to see somebody else express it. Even "true love." That's something that you only see in cartoons/movies/books. I think it's fantasy. If it ever existed before... then it certainly doesn't now. Only in extremely rare instances. :P

But... yeah. Those are only my opinions on the day. I couldn't care any less if anyone else celebrates it. :shrug:
Happy Valentine's Day to those of you who celebrate it, I guess.

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